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At Lareau, our approach is based on understanding and the assessment your business overall. We want to be able to identify the overall risks you may be exposed to in order to give you the best advice and offer you the insurance coverage that caters to your situation

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Insurance Products

  • Legal Expenses

    Having the opportunity to make your rights heard and to be able to defend them should be available to all companies. Legal expenses insurance offers you the means to act if you were to run into conflicts with the law.

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  • Executive Risks (D&O)

    Your directors’ or officers’ liability aims to personally insure you against liability imputed to directors, project leaders or owners who are facing a lawsuit

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  • Errors and Omissions (E&O)

    Errors and omissions insurance is a coverage that allows you to hedge against the financial effects of your liability in case of errors, negligence or omissions that took occurred during your business activities.

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  • Equipment Breakdown

    Most commercial insurance contracts include exclusions regarding objects under pressure and mechanical and electrical breakdown. Equipment breakdown insurance fills the gaps of basic coverage.

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  • Credit Insurance

    What is more important than to protect your investments and the relationships that you have with your clients? Insure your accounts receivable that are at risk whether those amounts are in Quebec, in Canada, in the United States or anywhere else in the world.

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  • Pollution

    Environmental consciousness was not always an important issue as it is today. Similarly, the way you manage your environmental risks has not always had the same impact on the profitability of your business and the satisfaction of your clients.

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  • Cyber Risk

    Surf with peace of mind. Technology is at the heart of business efficiency nowadays. The emergence of Internet and electronic transactions have drastically increased your sales revenue.

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  • Surety Bond

    Surety bond insurance supports business by helping them make their projects come true. Some use it to add credibility to their credibility when they present themselves, while others purchase it simply because they are mandated to do so by law.

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  • Civil Liability

    The purpose of liability insurance is to cover your assets against any legal action that may be taken during your operations or activities.

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