Legal Expenses

Have your rights respected

Having the opportunity to make your rights heard and to be able to defend them should be available to all companies. Legal expenses insurance offers you the means to act if you were to run into conflicts with the law. This insurance covers the expensive lawyer fees on top of offering you unlimited access to counsel from legal subject matter experts. Limit interruptions your business may encounter and protect your finances!

Our fields of expertise

  • Aviation
  • Construction
  • Service companies
  • Garages
  • Large corporations
  • Real estate
  • Agricultural industry
  • Agri-Food industry
  • Manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers
  • Microbreweries, Vineyards and Cider houses
  • SME
  • Information technology
  • Transport

Comprehensive coverage

Working closely with you, we choose the basic coverage and excess coverage in order to build with you a tailor-made insurance solution.

  • Legal advice
  • Dispute with salaried workers
  • Dispute with contract workers
  • Tax disputes
  • Business estate


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