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1.0 Introduction


LCA is an Insurance Brokerage firm headquartered in Napierville (province of Quebec), which focuses on providing Personal and Commercial Insurance services.

For more information about our services, please refer to our website:

We appreciate that you are aware of and care about your own personal privacy interests, and we take it seriously. This Privacy Policy describes our policies and practices regarding the collection and use of your personal information and sets out your privacy rights.

We recognize that personal information privacy is an ongoing responsibility, and we will from time to time update this Privacy Policy as we implement new personal information protection practices or adopt new privacy policies in future.

In this Privacy Policy, to process personal information means to collect, hold and use such personal information.

This Privacy Policy is applicable to LCA (“we”, “our” or “us”) as related to our services, which collectively include, without limitation:

  • the use of our website,
  • the use of our social media accounts
  • our marketing campaigns, and 
  • the use of our products and services. 

Situations in which we process personal information

This Privacy Policy sets out the essential details relating to your personal data relationships with LCA as:

  • You are a person who applies to LCA in one of recruitment processes published on our website or via social media or otherwise;
  • You are an existing or potential client, supplier or vendor of LCA or an employee of any of them;
  • You are a participant of an event or meeting organized by LCA

2.0 Personal information we collect 


2.1 Information you choose to provide to us


We may ask you to provide personal information when:

  • You visit our website
  • You request a quotation from LCA or inquire about our services
  • When you purchase an insurance policy from LCA
  • When you are paying for our service
  • When you open a claim under your insurance policy
  • You refer any person or business to us
  • You connect with us directly via phone calls, video conferencing platforms or social media
  • You participate in a marketing/sales promotion
  • You participate in programs we may offer from time to time

If you choose to provide us with a third party’s Personal Information (the person’s name, email and company) when taking part in our referral program, you represent that you have the third party’s permission to do so. 


We will only collect personal information from you for the pursuit of our activities when you inquire about our insurance policies, request a quote, apply for insurance, make a payment, or open a claim under your insurance policy. The information we collect depends on the insurance products you apply for and buy, the services you have access to and use, the payment method you use, and the way you communicate with us.  

Information collected may include but it is not limited to:

  • Name (First, Middle and last Name)
  • Address (Business or Personal)
  • Birthdate
  • Marital status
  • Gender
  • Employment information
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail address
  • Policy type, number and renewal date
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Accident/Violation history
  • Lien/leaseholders
  • Vehicle information
  • Loan and Mortgagee details
  • Property descriptions and addresses
  • Payment and Banking information
  • Credit rating information
  • Claims history
  • Driving record
  • Criminal record
  • Educational information
  • Your employee’s information (driver’s License Number, birthdate, CV, driving record)
  • Your company’s financial information
  • Your company’s shareholders, directors’ and officers’ information

2.2 Information we collect automatically


In operating its websites, LCA may collect additional information about its website users, including clients.

Online information refers to information such as the Internet domain name (e.g., “”) and the Internet Protocol (IP) address used to access third-party websites, the date and time of the visit, the pages visited, the web browser type and version, and the operating system used, as well as the websites that the user accessed immediately before and after accessing LCA’s websites. Aggregate information, such as demographic statistics on users, number of visitors, and average time spent on websites, is also considered to be online information.

LCA collects and obtains online information when operating its websites. For example, when a user chooses to visit a website, web servers may automatically collect online information provided through the browser being used, stored in a cookie, or using a web beacon or any other digital marker.

LCA uses online information to monitor the use of its websites and improve operations, personalize user experience by providing personalized ads or offers, carry out statistical analyses on all user characteristics and behaviour, measure demographic variables and user interest with regard to specific services, describe its services to third parties and potential business partners, and determine how and where LCA should allocate its resources in order to be most effective.

Such online information is necessary so that LCA can record the number of visitors, the pages visited most frequently, the technology used by website users, referencing sites, and user location.

Cookies are fragments of information sent from a user’s computer when the user is visiting a website. They are temporarily or permanently stored on the user’s hard drive, leaving a record of the visit. Such information may include the date and time of the most recent visit, etc. Cookies may also improve online experience by saving browsing preferences for a website.

The cookie files saved on a user’s hard drive are harmless and can be read and deleted at any time. The user, therefore, has complete control. Information from cookies allows LCA to know the total number of visitors for each website, as well as the length of the visits. When a user visits the website, a cookie is created and saved on the user’s computer, allowing LCA to “recognize” the user each time the user visits the website.

Many major websites use cookies. Most browsers are configured initially to accept cookies. If the user prefers, browser settings can be modified so that the user can be warned each time a cookie is received or so that the browser refuses to accept cookies. While users are not obligated to accept cookies, it is possible, however, that some website functions will not work correctly if a browser is set to refuse cookies.

Websites may contain electronic images called web beacons that allow LCA to record the number of people who have visited given pages. Web beacons are not used to access personal information. Web beacons only collect a limited data set, including a cookie number, the time and date the page was viewed, and a description of the page on which the web beacon is located. Websites may also contain web beacons that have been placed by advertisers or web analytics service providers to help LCA assess the effectiveness of promotional and sponsorship campaigns on the Internet.

Websites may also use remarketing services that, through the use of cookies or web beacons, identify users who have visited a website and reach them with online advertising once they have left the website, for the purposes of advertising based on prior browsing.

Websites may contain hyperlinks to third-party sites that would lead users to leave the LCA websites. LCA provides these hyperlinks as a convenience. Third-party sites are not under the control of LCA, which therefore has no control over the practices of such third-party sites with regard to privacy and confidentiality. As a result, any personal information sent through third-party sites is subject to the Privacy Policy of such third-party sites. It is the responsibility of users to review such policies to ensure that their information is protected.

LCA may use social media (e.g., Facebook and LinkedIn) in addition to operating its websites. Social media accounts are public and are not hosted by LCA. Users who decide to interact with LCA on social media must therefore read the terms of service and privacy policies of such third-party service providers and the applications used to access them.

Personal information provided to LCA through social media accounts is collected to capture conversations (e.g., questions and answers, comments, “likes,” retweets) between users and LCA. Such information may be used to respond to inquiries or for statistical, evaluation, or reporting purposes, or for any other purpose specified in this Privacy Policy.

We may also collect information when you open email messages from us or click on links within those email messages.


2.3 Information we may collect from third parties

We also collect information from a number of third parties as permitted by law. These include :


We may combine the information we collect as a result of your direct interactions with us with information obtained through other third-party sources, such as insurance agents and brokers, government bodies, consumer reporting agencies, insurance adjusters, home contractors, auto shops, and other third parties who can provide information about or services related to you or your insured vehicle or property or company.

We also obtain and/or purchase lists from third parties about individuals and companies interested in our products.

When we do so, we do it with your consent, or otherwise confirm the third party lawfully collected the information and can share it with us.


The personal information collected includes your name, email address, business address, job title, company name and ownership, and telephone number, professional designation, educational background, driving record and claims history, credit information, accident reports and witness statements.

2.4 Calls, online chats, and other communications

We may record calls, online chats and other communications between us to ensure quality customer service, confirm our discussions or agreements and your instructions, resolve complaints, and train our staff. If you do not want your communications recorded, you can do business with us by visiting one of our offices, or by writing or emailing us.

2.5 Consenting for others

We may ask you for information about other persons covered by your insurance (for example, listed drivers, employees, kids, person living under your roof or whom you are responsible, etc.).

We will not collect any personal information concerning a child under the age of 14 without parental consent. The only exception is where the information collected is of clear benefit to the child (for example, in an emergency situation).

When you give us information about another person, you warrant that you have their permission to do this and consent to this Privacy Policy on their behalf.

2.6. Video Surveillance

For the safety of the public, LCA customers, prospective customers, vendors and LCA employees, our premises may be outfitted with video surveillance systems. Video surveillance is collected strictly for security purposes and will not be disclosed to third Parties unless required by law except in efforts to prevent fraud.

3.0 How we use personal information  


We use your Personal Information to:

  • To serve you better and communicate with you directly through emails, calls, chats, video conferencing 
  • Considering your application for insurance and offering you insurance
  • Verify your identity and property
  • Identify your needs and advise you appropriately
  • Solicit you for new insurance products or upon your renewal date
  • Understand your situation and analyze it for insurance purposes
  • Assess and underwrite insurance risks
  • Determine prices, fees, premiums and rebates
  • Investigate and adjust insurance claims
  • Settle or arrange for the settlement of insurance claims, including structured settlements
  • Collection of Payments for purchased services
  • Send communications to you about the following, in accordance with applicable law including the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation:
    • our services and offerings 
    • event announcements 
    • product notices and changes to our terms and policies 
    • particular programs in which you have chosen to participate 
    • promotional offers and surveys
    • scheduling demos and managing free trials
  • Advertise and market our products and services, including delivering interest-based advertisements on this Website and other sites or content syndication platforms and websites.
  • Carry out market research to understand how to improve our services and their delivery
  • Create and manage marketing campaigns
  • Generate sales leads and increase our market share
  • Analyze user clicks and usage of our Website to improve user experience and maximize usage of our services
  • Manage our Website in order to maintain and deliver the contracted functionality and services 
  • Enforce our Website Terms and/or separate contracts (if applicable) with you
  • Detect and Prevent fraud and other prohibited, unauthorized, or illegal activities
  • Share your information, with your consent, with third party service providers for external processing such as data or payment processing
  • Protect the security or integrity of the Website, Application, our business or services; or
  • Otherwise, as disclosed to you at the point of collection or as required or permitted by law

We do not sell your information to any third party. 

We will obtain your consent if we wish to use your information for any other purpose and before collecting information from third parties such as credit bureaus otherwise than as provided for in this Privacy Policy.

We may use personal information without consent if this is necessary to detect or prevent fraud, or if such use is necessary in order to deliver a product or service expressly requested by the individual concerned.

4.0 How we share personal information


Our Services

If you are a client or prospective client, your personal information may be viewed by our employees with need-to-know access privileges to the application in order to provide requested products or services to you.


Service Providers

We use third parties to provide you with services and/or products. They will have access to your information as reasonably necessary to perform the contracted tasks on our behalf. We sign contractual agreements to obligate them to protect the personal information, to only use it to deliver the contracted services to us, to prohibit them from selling it and not to disclose it without our knowledge and permission. 

We do not share our marketing data with anyone.

We share personal information with our insurance partners solely for the fulfillment of the requested services and/or products.


When we disclose your personal information to third parties, we require them to protect and handle your personal information in a manner consistent with our privacy practices and all applicable laws. These third parties may at times process and store your information outside of Canada. If your personal information is processed or stored in a foreign country, it will be subject to that country’s laws and may be disclosed in accordance with those laws.


Legal disclosures

It is possible that we may need to disclose personal information when required by law, subpoena, or other legal processes as identified in the applicable legislation. 

We attempt to notify our clients about legal demands for their personal information when appropriate in our judgment unless prohibited by law or court order or when the request is an emergency.


Change in Control

We can also share your personal data as part of a sale, merger or change in control or in preparation for any of these events. 

Any other entity which buys us or part of our business will have the right to continue to use your personal information, but only in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy unless you agree otherwise.

5.0 How we secure personal information


We are committed to protecting the security of all of the personal information we collect and use.  We use a variety of physical, administrative and technical safeguards designed to help protect it from unauthorized access, use and disclosure. We have implemented best-practice standards and controls in compliance with internationally recognized security frameworks. We use encryption technologies to protect data at rest and in transit. 

Only authorized personnel, who have a business, need to know, have access to your personal information. These employees have been informed by LCA to preserve the confidentiality of your personal information.

6.0 Your rights


We provide the same suite of Services to all our clients and prospective clients.

We offer the following rights to all individuals regardless of their location or applicable privacy regulations.

For personal information we have about you, you can:

•       Access your personal information or request a copy.

You have the right to submit a written request to obtain information about what personal information we process about you or to obtain a copy of your personal information. 

If you have provided personal information to us, you may contact us to obtain an outline of what information we have about you or a copy of the information. 

We will respond to your written request within 30 days or advise you if additional time is required to respond to your request.

•       You have the right to be notified of what personal information we collect about you and how we use it, disclose it and protect it.

This Privacy Policy describes what personal information we collect and our privacy practices. We may also have additional privacy notices and statements available to you at the point of providing information to us directly.

•       Change or correct your personal information.

You have the right to update/correct your personal information or ask us to do it on your behalf by contacting your broker. 

We will respond to your written request within 30 days or advise you if additional time is required to respond to your request.

•       Delete or erase your personal information.

You have the right to request deletion of your personal information at any time. We will communicate back to you within reasonable timelines the result of your request. We may not be able to delete or erase your personal information, but we will inform you of these reasons and any further actions available to you.

•       Object to the processing of your personal information

You have the right to object to our processing of your personal information for direct marketing purposes. This means that we will stop using your personal information for these purposes.

Even if you opt-out of receiving marketing communications, we may still communicate with you in connection with security and privacy issues, servicing your account, fulfilling your requests, or administering any promotion or any program in which you may have elected to participate. 

•       Ask us to restrict the processing of your personal information

We mainly use your personal information for placing insurance policies. If you object to the processing of your personal information for such purpose and related purposes, we will be unfortunately unable to provide you with our services.

·      Export your personal data.

You have the right to request that we export to you in a machine-readable format all of the personal information we have about you.

We do not process personal information through the use of automated means. 

•       Automatic decisions based on personal information

We do not take automatic decisions based on your personal information.

If you would like to exercise any of the rights described above, please contact us at [email protected]

7.0 How long we keep your personal information


We retain personal information as long as it is necessary to provide the services to you and our clients, subject to any legal obligations to further retain such information.

We may also retain personal information to comply with the law, prevent fraud, collect fees, resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems, assist with investigations, enforce our Terms of Service and take other actions permitted by law. 

The personal information we retain will be handled in accordance with this Privacy Policy and is kept in strict confidence. We maintain physical, electronic and security safeguards to protect your information from loss, unauthorized use and access or disclosure.

Personal information connected to you that is no longer necessary and relevant to provide our services may be anonymized or aggregated with other non-personal data in order to use it for serious, legitimate purposes and to provide insights which are commercially valuable to LCA, such as statistics of the use of the services. 

8.0 Other Important Information


Customers or prospective customers data are processed and stored in Canada.

We will only collect and process personal data about you where we have a lawful reason for its collection.

When you visit our Website and provide us with your personal information, we collect and use it with your consent.  

As a customer or prospective customer, you consent to our collection of your personal information when you contact us for the first time to request a service or product.

Where we rely on your consent to process personal data, you have the right to withdraw or decline your consent at any time. If you have any questions about the lawful bases upon which we collect and use your personal data, please contact us at [email protected].


•       Process for dealing with complaints

For any complaints regarding this Privacy Policy or the protection of your personal information, you can write to our Privacy Officer by email at the coordinates below. LCA will investigate such complaints and if they are justified, will take appropriate measures to correct the situation.


If you are not satisfied with this internal review of your complaint, you can contact the Commission d’accès à l’information du Québec or the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, or any other relevant regulatory authority.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the AMF at 1-877-525-0337 or

•       How to select your communications preferences 

You may choose to receive or not receive marketing communications from us. To stop receiving marketing communications, please click the “Unsubscribe” link in the email we sent you. You may choose which information we collect automatically from your device by controlling cookie settings on your browser or by selecting your preferences through our Cookie policy

9.0 Contact Information


The person exercising the highest authority at LCA delegated the Data Privacy officer the function of person in charge of the protection of personal information and Privacy Officer. You may contact us to exercise any of your rights or ask for more information about your personal information and our privacy practices by email to our Data Privacy officer at [email protected].


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