Rest assured when you go for a ride

It’s more than a snowmobile; it’s the reason you love winter. Nature, fresh air, snowy trails as far as your eyes can see: it’s your moment of respite. This is the reason why we want to ensure we give you peace of mind while you are out on your adventure. We are here to help you find a customized solution that fits your needs so that your only worry is planning your itinerary.

Our areas of expertise

  • Utility snowmobile
  • Touring snowmobile
  • Trail snowmobile
  • Hybrid snowmobile
  • Mountain snowmobile
  • Performance snowmobile

A comprehensive coverage

Not only does your snowmobile insurance protect your liability, it protects the damages that may be caused to your vehicle. Working closely with you, we choose the basic coverage and excess coverage in order to build with you a tailor-made insurance solution.

  • Civil liability +
  • Coverage for damage to your snowmobile +
  • Added equipment +
  • Waiver of depreciation +
  • Replacement insurance +
  • Accident benefits insurance +
  • Roadside assistance costs +
  • Trailer +
The Lareau advantage

Be worry-free

The true advantage of a broker is defined by the in-depth analysis of your needs and the risks that you could face so that there are no surprises awaiting you in the event of a claim. The goal of each of our brokers is to eliminate all your worries related to the protection of your vehicle.

  • 40 dedicated brokers

    who compare products against many insurers in order to offer you the coverage that best fits your needs

  • 24/7 Our services are available

    There will always be someone to assist you at our offices. Whatever happens, we are here for you.

  • 65 years of experience

    We protect families in Quebec since 1955 and this experience is the foundation behind each piece of advice we offer

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