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Why Lareau

At Lareau, our work begins with an analysis of your situation so as to gain a thorough understanding of your needs and to offer you the best coverage we can. We then minutely examine your insurance policy and explain to you the terms and conditions so that you can understand your contract before you sign it. In the event of a claim, we defend your interests and make sure you obtain the maximum amount allowed by your policy. Our brokers are in the best position to assist you; they made it their vocation.

Since 1955, Lareau has been a family business that keeps being involved in its community and that now counts more than 100 experts. We have 8 offices throughout Quebec Province, which makes it possible for us to be closer to our clients and the communities we are working with.

We are proud to be an independent broker, with no financial connections with any insurer or financial institution. This enables us to provide our clients with an objective analysis of their situation and to offer them a broader insurance market for when the time comes to choose an insurer. A broker’s real advantage lies in its ability to conduct a careful analysis of your needs and the risks to which you may be exposed so as to avoid any unpleasant surprise in the event of a claim.

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In order for you to benefit as much as possible from your experience at Lareau, we are present at all times, before, during and after:

Before: We analyze your situation in order to identify all the risks to which you may be exposed as well as to suggest solutions and coverages suited to your needs;
During: We address each of your questions with the same consistency and we are proactive throughout the year. We also follow the evolution of your needs to make sure your insurance responds accordingly;
After: In the event of a claim, you are taken care of by our claims adjusters, who are involved in your case and who will efficiently negotiate on your behalf with the insurer.




To be a broker who informs, advises, and simplifies insurance for our clients to offer them peace of mind.




Become the most competent broker offering exceptional customer experience





Expertise begins with a constant evolution of our knowledge. The most important resource we have is to use our knowledge and talent to find tailored insurance solutions for your needs.


The members of our team are engaged and proactive in their work, which transpires at all levels within the company because we know that innovation is the first step towards success.


Trust is gained through the respect we demonstrate towards our clients, members of our team, business partners and commitments.