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Adjustable Desks: Trend or New Standard for Businesses?

Good posture, increased energy, and boundless creativity—it’s all possible with hybrid desks.

In September, with the well-being of its team members in mind, Lareau introduced adjustable desks into all of its branches. Through a collaboration with the company ergonofis, Lareau employees can now benefit from hybrid workstations that allow them to work while sitting or standing.

A Matter of Health

The scientific community is unanimous on the matter: being seated for long periods of time is harmful to your health in a significant way, even if you have an active lifestyle in your spare time. Why? Simply because humans were ultimately not meant to sit.

According to ergonofis, our bodies are conditioned from a young age to be in a seated position for all occasions, whether when driving, at school, at work, or when using public transit.

Five benefits to convince you to make the switch to adjustable desks

  • They reduce muscular pain in the back and improve posture.
  • They increase energy, improve the mood of a team, and boost overall productivity.
  • They decrease the risk of weight gain. After a meal, blood glucose levels return to normal much faster than when you spend more time standing.
  • They stimulate creativity.
  • They help you live longer. According to the ergonofis website, research from the Louisiana State University System has shown that alternating between sitting and standing positions increases life expectancy by 2 years.

Gradual Adjustment

Despite their many benefits, it is wrong to think that hybrid desks are a miracle solution to all of our health problems. However, here are some tips to maximize their benefits.

If you plan to make the switch to adjustable desks, it is important to note that it is recommended to do so gradually, in 30-minute intervals, to let your body adjust. It is also important to pay special attention to the height of your desk and screens, and to use an anti-fatigue mat, which allows for reducing the pressure in your legs.

Lareau is proud to have launched this project with fair-trade, sustainable products that use wood from Canadian forests. Choosing local materials significantly reduces the amount of transportation needed, thus reducing the amount of greenhouse gases used to build the desk.

The mission of ergonofis, a Quebec business, is to transform the relationship people have with their work by creating working environments that are both inspiring and stimulating. As we aspired to have such working conditions and shared, in particular, the same values, ergonofis was an obvious choice for this project.

If you would also like to purchase their products, or if you wish to obtain more information, visit their website. They even offer free shipping in Canada!





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