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Information to Have At the Ready For a Hassle-Free Car Insurance Quote

Need an insurance quote for your new vehicle? There’s no need to take the day off or block off hours in your schedule: with the right preparation, the process is quick and straightforward.

From the make of the vehicle to your driver’s licence number to the type of coverage you want, here is everything you should have on hand for a quick and easy car insurance quote.

1. Vehicle information

It goes without saying that your broker will need specific information about your car to give you a quote.

  • Year, make and model of the vehicle. It’s a good idea to have your vehicle identification number at the ready, which allows your broker to quickly check the model. Tip: take a picture of it before calling!
  • Purchase price. This information is important if your vehicle is new. The purchase price allows us to calculate the replacement insurance amount (replacement cost). That way, if you get into an accident, you’ll be sure to receive an equivalent amount.
  • Whether you’re dealing with a lender or a lessor, it’s important to provide the complete name and address of your financing company so the broker can forward it to the dealership. Confirmation of insurance is required to take possession of the vehicle.
  • A theft-deterrent, anti-theft marking or tracking system. Often, a theft-deterrent system or an equivalent can qualify you for a discount on your insurance premium.
  • Modifications to the vehicle. This factor could affect the pricing.

2. Driver information

Once your broker knows more about your vehicle, they will need information about the people who will be driving it.

  • Driver’s licence number(s). Your broker will check the Fichier central des sinistres automobiles (automobile claims database) for all drivers covered under your policy.
  • Driving habits. You will need to indicate your yearly mileage and what you use your car for (leisure, work, etc.). You will also need to let us know how much time you intend to spend outside Quebec. Insurers generally allow you to spend 180 days outside the province. If you decide to earn a bit of extra cash by transporting passengers or delivering food, make sure to let your broker know.
  • Declared and undeclared accidents. Insurers generally take the past six years into account, regardless of the nature of the claim.
  • Highway Safety Code violations. Generally speaking, insurers look at any infractions that have resulted in demerit points over the last three years.
  • Driver’s licence suspensions. Inform your broker of any suspensions, which will be treated differently from one insurer to another. You will generally need to provide a copy of your driving record if all goes well. You can request a copy free of charge here.
  • Criminal record. You must inform your broker if you have a criminal record, since many insurers will require an up-to-date copy before giving you a quote.

3. An idea of the coverage you want

  • Civil liability. Did you know that in Quebec, the law requires that all vehicle owners hold a civil liability insurance policy of at least $50,000? This is the so-called “one-way” when we talk about “one-way or two-way insurance.” That being said, the standard liability limit is $2,000,000.
  • Property damage. Coverage for damage to the vehicle is not mandatory before you take to the roads, unlike civil liability insurance. However, it is still essential if you want to repair or replace your vehicle in the event of a claim. Your broker will suggest two types of additional coverage:

    • Coverage for damage to your vehicle caused by fire, theft or vandalism (and various other unfortunate events).
    • Coverage for damage to your vehicle caused by a collision for which you are at fault or by a hit and run.

Various types of additional coverage are available to protect you when you hit the road. Read this article by one of our brokers to find out more.

 In reality, the more information you provide about your insurance and driving history, your vehicle’s features and the coverage you want, the easier it will be for your broker to give you an accurate quote that is right for your needs.

To get a quote or “test drive” your new knowledge, contact our team!

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