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Halloween: Fun and Safety Are Required!

Get your sweaters out, autumn is finally here! Trees embellish our landscape with their colourful leaves. Local markets are filled with pumpkins and squashes. It’s hard to pick one because they’re all so pretty! As night falls sooner, evenings cocooning as a family are a must. Hot chocolate, herbal tea, cinnamon and nutmeg, what a treat!  People are slowly decorating their homes. In the streets, orange-coloured lights, lanterns and carved pumpkins can be seen. Some houses look haunted, skeletons, zombies and ghosts swarm them! Can you feel it? Halloween is near!

The history of Halloween

Did you know that this holiday takes root in Canada around the1800s? This tradition was passed onto us by Irish immigrants. Legend has it that October 31st was the day that a gateway was created between the land of the living and the land of the dead. Spirits and ghosts can therefore easily cross over to visit the living. Masks were previously worn to expel evil spirits. Residents donned costumes to avoid getting recognized. Food and offerings were left at the entrance of homes in order to calm malicious spirits.

The legends are far behind us now. Today, Halloween now means joy. Young and old get ready for this holiday: making decorations, buying candy, choosing the perfect costume and planning a quick and fun meal for your little monsters. Long live Pinterest!

A child’s holiday

Children are excited to wear their costumes to run the streets in search of the best candy. Tonight, mom and dad are accompanying the kids. Auntie Germaine will stay at home to pass out candy to the passersby. There is nothing to worry about — they have taken the right precautions, the lighting of the home is perfect, the entrance and the steps to get to the door are clear. Decorations are in place — no risk of a fall. Leon, the loyal family pet, is on a leash so that he can’t scare your visitors. Masks have stayed at home in favour of face paint. Everybody is mindful of the cars on the road. Children ring the doorbell of many homes and are impatient to know what surprise they will find in their bag! Do you remember your favourite candy?

Once home, candy sorting is a must! Chocolates to one side chips to the other side. A special attention is paid to the young one’s allergy, one last candy and now it’s time for bed. People have been generous and the kids have stars in their eyes.

An adult’s holiday

Once the kids are asleep, it’s now time for the adults to party! Auntie Germaine is sleeping at home, mom and dad get their costumes on and to meet their vampire friends. At the costume party, the lights have been dimmed and music can be heard. People laugh together, all the disguises are all impressive. A little bit magic potion too much, a guest trips over on a pumpkin left out on the steps. Thankfully, the guest was able to break his fall on the handrail that was newly installed. A bad spell could have easily been cast on the hosts of the event. Fortunately, there was more fright than pain. The party lasts another few hours and there are games, dancing and fits of laughter.  At the end of the night, a few guests have called a taxi, while others take advantage of the cool fall weather to walk home holding hands.

Tomorrow morning, the kids will get up early.  Trick or treat, they’ll say. Exceptionally, candies for breakfast are accepted!

Safety rules

If you’d like your Halloween to be just as magical, here are a few safety rules:

  • Have adequate lighting: visibility is paramount since autumn nights are more obscure. Turn on your lights, wear visible clothing or a reflective band.
  • Clear the steps and remove hazardous objects. Clear the snow in front of the entrance and make sure to spray salt if winter comes early. Assess your home; is it safe? Falling in the stairs could deeply inconvenience Frankenstein, who likely did not plan to keep the same appearance for the coming days.
  • Make sure your decorations are properly in place. It is more pleasant to have people talk about you on social media for your amazing decorations than for an injury that was the result of a failure on your part.
  • Make certain that your pet is in a secure place. Take the time to put it on a leash so that the little monsters who knock at your door are not frightened.
  • Favour face paint over masks. This will also allow you to develop your artistic side!
  • Beware of cars. Teach children that it is important to not zig-zag back and forth across the street. Instead, one house at a time, one side at a time.
  • Pay particular attention to the candy received and offered. Although health and home recipes are in vogue these days, this concept is not recommended in all situations.
  • Use a designated driver service if necessary as parties for adults often serve alcohol.

A liability suit can happen so fast. By following safety rules, the chances of a lawsuit are minimized. Are the limits of your civil liability sufficient for your needs? Contact your Lareau broker to discuss this!  Happy Halloween!


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