Is Peace of Mind Worth Less Than 5% of Your Trip?

Travelers often ignore travel insurance when planning their trips abroad. However, most book their vacations to get away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. If something goes wrong on your trip, you want to make sure your needs are taken care of. Here are some tips on buying travel insurance:

Get a policy tailored to your needs

Travel insurance comes in many shapes and sizes. Ask your broker which option is best. You can choose to get full medical coverage or simple trip cancellation insurance. We spend so much time planning our vacation that if something was to happen, the whole experience would be for naught.

Read the fine print

When choosing medical coverage abroad, make sure you are aware of all the details. For example, if there is a medical emergency, you want to be taken to a hospital that can properly tend to you or fly you back home for proper care. Also, make sure there are no loopholes that would leave you stranded. Talking to an insurance broker is always advisable to make sure every angle is covered.

Annual travel insurance for frequent travelers

If you travel often, look into purchasing annual travel insurance, which will cost more up front, but gets cheaper with every trip you take. For someone making multiple trips that is constantly on the go, annual trip insurance may be the most convenient option to keep your mind at ease while you are away from home.

Overall, taking a vacation is something we all look forward to. Travel insurance adds that extra peace of mind to your trip, allowing you fully experience the vacation you’ve been looking forward to.

You can call 1 877-853-2475 to obtain an estimate for travel insurance.

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