Lareau: First Damage Insurance Firm in Canada to Achieve B Corp Certification!

It is with pride that we announce Lareau is the first damage insurance firm in Canada to officially receive B Corp certification!

This project, which began in 2021, stemmed from our desire to grow our business while making a positive impact on the communities in which we operate, our team members, and the environment.

Like more than 6,000 companies in over 80 countries and 150 industries, we want to be part of this positive movement of dynamic businesses that prioritize the impacts of their actions. B Corp certification not only demands meeting high and continually evolving standards but also requires demonstrating our commitment through concrete actions.

For instance, the mission and values of B Corp companies reflect the criteria of sound governance, such as ethics, transparency, and accountability. Our reflection on our own mission and values has been reignited in this regard.

Our mission:

To act as an independent broker that provides information and advice, makes insurance accessible, and sets itself apart through its social and environmental awareness.

We aim to guide a diverse clientele, whether in typical situations or with specific needs, in understanding their requirements and selecting insurance protections. Our independence and the depth of our expertise enable us to achieve this.

This mission is supported by the four values guiding us every day:

Excellence. Our field is significant and involves multiple variables, which is why Lareau is composed of skilled professionals who guide you and provide quality service. It is excellence that motivates us to ensure each of our actions is in perfect harmony with our values and to fully engage in the B Corp certification project.

Compassion. The well-being of our employees, collaborators, clients, and partners is considered in each of our actions. Moreover, B Corp certification requires offering a healthy work environment for the professional development of the team, which is reflected in our practices.

Environmental awareness. For several years, we have been taking small and large steps for our planet, such as planting 1,083 plants across our various branches, maintaining a beehive in Napierville, and replacing grass with clover or wild herbs to avoid emissions related to mowing and benefit the ecosystem.

Proximity. The community and clientele are at the heart of the priorities of every B Corp company. At Lareau, we invest in our communities through donations, sponsorships, and sourcing from our clientele and local businesses. We are also close to them: we have offices throughout Quebec!

To learn more about the actions we take at Lareau, you can visit our profile on the B Corp website.

We take great pride in obtaining B Corp certification, but this is a milestone for us: our team is committed to renewing its efforts and constantly improving. Our motivation to continually undertake new initiatives for the benefit of the community, our partners, our employees, and the planet lies in our ambition to remain a leader in impact and expertise. The B Corp recertification every three years will add a dose of motivation.

What if we inspired other companies to follow suit?

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