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Motorcycle Insurance: The Café Racer

Whether in fashion, interior design, or architecture, there has been a recent comeback of the vintage look, and now even motorcyclists­ are following the trend. Indeed, you can see more and more café racers on the road.

Café racers got their name from the 1950s–1960s British rock scene, where young people were on the lookout for a fast motorcycle that would stand out when travelling between different cafés in England. Generally speaking, this type of motorcycle overlooks comfort in the name of manoeuvrability and handling.

The main features distinguishing this motorcycle from others is seen in its lack of fairing, its single-seat saddle, its low-mounted handlebars, and its minimalist paint job.

New and used models are equally popular, such as the famous Triumph Bonneville or the Thruxton, which have always maintained their original look. Other models are also commonly converted into café racers, such as the Honda CX500 from the late 1970s and early 1980s, or the Kawasaki KZ1000, which is very popular due to the model’s availability and the fact that it requires few modifications to achieve the desired results.

In the same vein, many specialized workshops have surfaced in Québec to fill the growing demand for this type of motorcycle, each adding their own special touch to revive these antiques that are turning heads.

Insuring a Café Racer: How Much Does It Cost?

Clearly, the costs can vary greatly between an old motorcycle that has minor fixes, a classic model that is completely restored, and a brand-new model of the year. The value of a new motorcycle, with included or additional accessories, is often easier to evaluate than the classic restored motorcycle, which has all its original rare parts. It is therefore preferable, or even necessary, to obtain a professional assessment for older motorcycles that have been redone, or for motorcycles where major modifications were made. Indeed, an assessment will allow owners to properly insure their motorcycles without unnecessary depreciation, while also obtaining a fairer compensation value and dealer estimation of the frame.

There remains specific kinds of motorcycles and modifications that are harder to insure, and therefore require a greater expertise. For example, a motorcycle designed for riding tracks or special events will have very strict conditions in terms of insurance levels, since fewer insurers will be inclined to offer protections. Contrary to this, a classic model that was simply restored will have better conditions and rates.

Do not hesitate to contact us to assess your motorcycle insurance needs. We can offer you a solution that will put you on the right track!

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