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Registering Your New ''Right-Hand Drive'' Vehicle: Impossible in Quebec!

In my last blog, I explained why it’s so difficult to insure a “right-had drive” vehicle, commonly called RHD (Right Hand Drive). However, did you know that since 2009, registering new RHD vehicles is forbidden in Quebec?

Don’t worry! New cars of this type can’t be imported but those that are already on the Quebec territory can continue to circulate, except under certain conditions. Following this interdiction, RHD vehicles that can already be found in Quebec and that have been well maintained have increased in value and have somewhat become collectibles. It is therefore strongly recommended that these cars be evaluated for its value, which will allow the client and the insurer to agree on the maximum price to be paid in the event of a loss.

Here are the right-hand drive vehicles that are allowed to circulate in Quebec:

  • Vehicle registered outside of Quebec (that are “visiting” in Quebec)
  • Vehicle built 25 years ago or more before the network access request date
  • Vehicle purchased before April 29, 2009, and registered before March 31, 2011
  • Heavy vehicle (must meet certain criteria)
  • Utility vehicle (must meet certain criteria) and vehicle called to make repetitive stops along a road to perform a public service
  • Vehicle belonging to a driving school

Who are the RHD vehicle fans?

This type of vehicle primarily attracts men under the age of 35 who are seeking a high-performance, reliable and affordable car. The engine of these types of cars are often very powerful and can, with some modifications, be mechanically enhanced substantially.

Do we insure this type of vehicle?

Even though it can be difficult to insure this type of vehicle, your Lareau broker has been a leader in RHD insurance. An exclusive program has been created for this type of car to make your life easier. Do not hesitate to contact one of our experts on this matter or to obtain a quote for your car before you hit the road!

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