Am I Properly Insured When I Drive My Old Classic Camaro?

It all started in Ontario in 1970. A man entered a dealership to buy the latest model of the Chevrolet Camaro and travelled the roads of Quebec in it. He even drove it as far as Napierville where he raced on the legendary Napierville Dragway.

It was only 25 years later that I laid eyes on that Camaro for the very first time. She was for sale right, around the corner from where I lived, in a state that was a far cry from the one that had won over the original owner. My husband has always had a passion for old cars and we wanted to pass this passion on, from one generation to the next, to our then 15-year-old son. For this reason, we had decided to purchase this vintage car with the intention of returning it to its glory days.

On his 16th birthday, we went to go pick up the Camaro, along with a few of its spare parts, and brought it back to our garage. It wasn’t long before my son starting spending most of his time working on the car. Hours of pleasure went by as well as evenings amongst friends who would lend a helping hand to rebuild the car.

Absolutely everything was restored: the paint was stripped, the original parts were replaced, the colour was changed, the vehicle completely was customized, and the engine received much needed TLC. This project spanned the course of close to a decade — nine years later the car was finally ready to hit the road looking brand spanking new. In my eyes, this car’s look is second to none despite the many attempts of current car makers to resurrect old brands by building new cars that bear some resemblance to ones from the past.

The word “pride” takes on its full meaning when something is made from your own hands from top to bottom and can finally be used. This dream required lots of work but the smile of my son’s lips is instant whenever he goes out for a ride.

Do you have the same dream but hesitate in terms of insurance needs?

A product specifically made for vintage cars exists. However, it is important to define what cars fall into this category. Our specialty insurance program categorizes these vehicles into two groups:

  • Unmodified vehicles, such as classic and old cars that are more than 25 years old as well as special interest cars that are between 15 and 24 years old.
  • Modified vehicles or Street Rod type vehicles that are over 15 years old.

The program also includes certain conditions that must be met. Here are a few:

  • Your vehicle must not be driven for more than 6,000 km per year and its sole purpose must to be driven for pleasure; not for daily usage or for work.
  • Drivers must have over 10 years driving experience.

The program has specifically been designed with classic car aficionados in mind. No third-party valuation is required. Your car’s value is determined using the Hagerty Valuation Tool. Replacement parts that have not yet been installed on your car as well as the cover, can be insured and your car is protected all year round in Canada and the United States. In case of a claim, and knowing that it can be hard to have this type of car serviced, you have the choice of bringing it the mechanic of your choice or to choose one amongst the list of certified mechanics of the Silver Wheel Plan.

If you are realizing a dream like that of my son’s, do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll help you protect something you hold dear and you can pursue your project with absolute peace of mind!

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