Time to Renew? The Benefits of Going Through a Broker

Who should you call when it’s time to renew your home and auto insurance—a broker or a direct insurer? While there is no right or wrong answer to this question, there are actually several advantages to doing business with a broker, including price verification, the client-broker relationship, and personalization of coverage. Read on to learn more!

A Real Relationship With the Client

Some people go through an insurance broker, while others contact an insurance company that puts them in touch with an agent. The main difference between these two approaches is the relationship with the representative.

For direct insurance, people generally call a single number and are transferred to an agent working for the insurer. They would thus speak with a different agent every time that they call.

A broker, on the other hand, works for the client. Clients thus call their broker directly (and vice versa) if they have questions or concerns related to their situation or policy. The advice given by the broker is therefore tailored to the specific needs of the client.

Brokers will also be your allies throughout the quote process. They do business with various general insurance companies that can cover all types of risks. Whether you want your car, wine collection, or hunting lodge insured, your broker will find an insurer that provides the best coverage and the right price for your situation.

Turnkey Service

Unlike brokers, insurance agents directly offer insurance from the insurance company that they represent. If the risks do not meet the company’s standards, insurance agents will be unable to provide you with a quote. At Lareau, we do business with over 20 separate insurers with different formulas and prices. This maximizes objectivity for clients, since the insurers with which they will be paired will truly be the best options for the clients’ situations.

Moreover, if there is a price increase at the time of renewal, the broker takes care of negotiating for you. You won’t need to call all of the possible companies to find the best offer—brokers provide turnkey service.

The Lareau Advantage

Lareau is an independent insurance broker. We have offices in nine regions of Quebec, which facilitates access to a broker. As such, not only can you contact us by phone, chat with us, and email us, but you can also come directly into a branch to benefit from the guidance of a broker who understands your insurance situation. For everything that you own, your Lareau broker can find an insurer that stands out due to its advice, service offering, and coverage.

Looking for your right hand for insurance? Find it here!

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