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4 locally proud activities to enjoy with your kids during spring break

Quebec’s spring break is the perfect occasion to spend some quality time with your family and take a breath of fresh air. Do you know where the concept comes from?

According to Radio-Canada, it’s in the 1960’s that Fernand Paradis, an education student, began to investigate the subject. He in fact noticed, throughout the years, a high absenteeism rate at the end of February and beginning of March. A couple of years later during an internship in France, he discovered that they had a vacation that we didn’t: a spring vacation. This time off would benefit the teachers and the students by giving them a break from school and recharge their energy to end the school year strong. When he was promoted the director of the Quebec Catholic school board, he implemented the concept here: the spring break. Soon after, all schools across the province were having one.

Even if our winters often seem endless, we can still enjoy snowstorms and take great pleasure in winter days. A week off from school is the perfect opportunity to make the most of it. Here are 4 local activities for you to enjoy with your kids.

Take a stroll in the forest

What better way to enjoy winter than to snowshoe hike on a trail in the forest, or to let yourself drift on your skates in an enchanting decor. Little ones and grown-ups will each find pleasure in this activity. In fact, the Saint-Bernard Regional Park, on the south shore of Montreal, offers many trails where you can recharge your batteries and enjoy the great outdoors. A little extra: snow tubing is also available. 

Visit an animal park

Visiting an animal park in the winter is a totally different experience than in the summer. Because they love the snow and cold weathers, animals are often more active during this time of the year. Either you visit by foot, in snowshoe, or in your car, keep your eyes wide open and enjoy the moment, you might be pleasantly surprised. You can enjoy the experience at Parc Omega in the Outaouais area, where you can connect with the animals in their natural habitat. You can even treat yourself to a traditional sugar-shack meal directly on the site.

 Encourage a local farm business

Are you more the type of person who enjoys discovering new products and the way they are produced? If so, visiting a local farm business might be your type of activity! Winter being a big off-peak period for these farmers, many of them are open to the public to generate traffic.  It’s a great opportunity to learn more about this line of work, as well as the agricultural world and environment that surrounds us.

Experience the thrill

You love challenging yourself and pushing your limits? Why not explore one of our many sliding centers throughout the province, and chase the thrill? Either it’s with family or friends, this activity is guaranteed fun for everyone. The enchanting centre of Super Glissade at Saint-Jean de Matha is an ideal spot to organize this activity. Many levels of slides are offered so you can choose your level of intensity, and for the extreme ones: go for the rafting!

At Lareau, our employees’ well-being is a priority, and we manage to offer them the spring break off if they wish to enjoy this time with their families.  We believe in the benefits of taking some quality time with family and most of all, taking a break from the daily routine. We strongly recommend you do the same by letting your imagination run wild and be young at heart during this time. Also, spring break often means a lot of car traveling with the kids, we therefore invite you to read our article on 5 tips for road trips with them to prepare your next adventure!

Have fun!

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