A Day in the Life of an Insurance Broker

It is fair to say that many people have a hard time trusting agents or brokers in the Insurance field. For many years, businesses like ours have been fighting to change perceptions about this field of work, to reassure clients that they are in good hands and that our duty is to negotiate, on their behalf, with insurers.  The idea of insurance is sometimes hard to grasp, mainly due to the fact that it is an intangible product and that its benefits cannot be seen immediately. As a matter of fact, the career of an insurance broker does come with multiple challenges, which motivates me to surpass myself on a daily basis.

First off, a broker must be constantly on the lookout for new business opportunities. This can be achieved through developing a volume of business that suits his interests as well as engaging in networking activities. In my case, I like to spend time developing internal and external referencing programs to attract new leads. Also, a broker must act as a consultant and be able to establish a relationship of trust with every single client in order to create a loyal customer base. As mentioned previously, an insurance broker must be equipped with strong negotiation tactics that can be used with insurance companies. A broker will always act in a way to defend the interests of his client, by offering the best protections at the best prices.

This being said, what I appreciate most about my job is how every single day is different from the last. Each client is unique and brings diversity to my daily tasks. Although many might think that my work consists mainly of phone calls and renewals, the job of an insurance broker is truly more than that. My ultimate goal is to ensure a constant presence before, during and after, for all my clients. I strive to perform a thorough analysis of their needs and to identify any potential risks they might encounter, whether it’s a new business opportunity or an existing client’s renewal. In other words, contrary to what many might believe, there is no such thing as a typical day where you’re an insurance broker!

At Lareau, we aim to offer an impeccable customer experience and strongly believe that every call received should try and be returned within the same day to ensure that our client’s needs are being met to the fullest. At the end of every day, I make sure to review every file I worked on that same day to ensure that everything was entered correctly and that no mistakes have slipped into the file. This last hour of work allows me to leave knowing that all my clients were well taken care of and are properly insured.

I believe that my work environment is mainly responsible for my success as a broker. Here at Lareau Insurance Brokers, the entire team is provided with the opportunity to work in beautiful work spaces with access to enclosed offices, standing desks, fitness rooms and common areas to unwind. There is a strong synergy between the members of the team which contributes to the success of the business as a whole and motivates me to come to work every day.

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