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In Quebec, it is extremely rare to find artists who are able to make a living from their passion. Society invests little in culture, and grants are difficult for artists to obtain. Throw in art enthusiasts (not all of them) who negotiate the price of a work that speaks to them directly with the artist, seeking the lowest possible price. Of course, spending lots of money on something that’s not practical doesn’t fit into everyone’s budget. And it’s definitely not in our Quebec culture to do so.

Art is a long-term investment. Consider London and New York City. These cultural capitals are in settings that have a longer art history than the province of Quebec, and they have created a place for art and its potential as an economic driving force. Investing in art is investing in our culture, history, heritage, and the distinctive imprint we are leaving behind, here and abroad.

Although we have attached so little importance to art in the past, it has not been due to a lack of talent in Quebec. “Quebec artists have an excellent reputation outside of the province,” stated Sébastien Demers, founder of the Artblr platform. Fortunately, we have seen a trend towards a greater appreciation of art in the recent years, particularly in Montreal, where artists are being given more and more opportunities in which to express themselves through art.

Art lovers, artists, and art galleries have another opportunity to discover and showcase talent and to share their works of art—through Artblr. “Artblr is conducive to discussion and exchanges.” This platform enables artists who don’t necessarily have the means to show their work of art, to post them on a single location that is linked to all other social networks. It is very easy to use, and the artist will thus reach out to people who are really interested in art. In other words, Artblr is a meeting place for artists and art enthusiasts.

Martin Khalifé and Sébastien Demers, the founders of Artblr are art lovers themselves. They wanted to create a platform that would showcase different styles, categories, and specific regions. You can look for talent close to home. “A local touch to the world of art” are the first words that appear on the site. This sentence reflects the values of its founders who focused to a great extent on Quebec talents for Artblr’s launch.

Artblr is for everyone. The only requirements are having a passion for art and being 18 years of age. Other platforms are not accessible to artists who do not have works exhibited in a gallery, but there is nothing preventing well-established artists, like Marie-Josée Roy, painter and sculptor, from registering on the platform as well. Although Quebec is well represented, the artists featured on Artblr come from about a dozen countries. We encourage you to have a look at the vast range of artists who registered on Artblr’s website. You also have the option of visiting its Facebook page to learn more about the platform’s services, and everything related to them.

Presently on a search for Parisian artists, the founders plan to travel from city to city to recruit artists from around the world, and end in New York, a vital piece of the puzzle. Only then will Artblr be truly brimming with works of art from around the world, and still have that local touch.

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