Choosing an Independent Broker

When buying insurance, you have many options. Many of our clients choose Lareau Insurance Brokers because we offer a service you can trust from a local independent broker. Here are a few reasons why:

Better understand you

Working with an independent local broker allows the insurance company to better understand the local issues and concerns that affect your day-to-day life. Rather than opting for insurance packages designed at a multinational office, an independent local broker will ensure that the main focus in your policy is YOU.

Will work harder for you

We pride ourselves on the contact we have with our clients because you are more than just a customer. You are our neighbors, colleagues and friends. As a result, we will have your best interests at heart, and more than just the bottom line.

We will also work harder for in the event that you need our services due to an unfortunate event. Lareau wants to be there at all times, but when it matters most to have an insurance company in your corner, you want it to be somebody you know and trust.

Cares more about your entire situation

As an independent broker, we are there for you to help insure all facets of your life, whether it be your home, car, trip or business. We see the entire picture you are building for yourself and your family and can better estimate what it will take to provide the complete necessary coverage you deserve and can count on us for.

At Lareau we pride ourselves on being there for you before, during and after something happens and to work with you and for you to ensure you get everything you are owed. We feel that if we can be there for you on a daily basis, we are certain to be there for you when you need us most.

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