Essence Glacier: Delicious Ice Cream Made in Quebec

For a few years now, foodies—those epicureans seeking new culinary experiences—have been playing an ever-increasing role in the food industry landscape. This love of food is mainly driven by the youngest members of Generation Y. A study conducted by Piper Jaffray states that 2014 was the first year in which American teenagers spent more money in restaurants than in clothing stores.

Spending a full day with your eyes glued to a computer screen will inevitably push you to want to connect with something real after 5 p.m. There is a growing thirst for stimulating experiences that will call on all five senses. This is why people want to travel, make things with their own hands, cook, and taste!

The research firm Technomic determined in 2012 that 42% of Americans between the ages of 16 and 36 ate in a fine-dining restaurant at least once a month—double that of their parents’ generation. Although this study was conducted in the United States, the statistics would probably be the same in Quebec.

The number of cooking shows on TV is growing exponentially, the SAQ just launched its Cellier, and microbreweries are setting up shop across the province.

It’s trendy to discover new things. And given this summer’s heat, we decided to help you discover a business that goes hand in hand with the tastes of summer. You have never truly had good, authentic ice cream if you have never tried Essence Glacier’s products. The company makes 100% natural ice cream, free of any artificial flavouring or colouring, created by Jean-Marc Guillot, a World Pastry Champion who has also won several other awards in France.

Are you looking to fully satisfy your inner foodie? Try fine chocolates with ice cream and sorbet centres. They won the 2016 SIAL Innovation award at the International Food and Beverage Trade Show (SIAL Canada). All of Essence’s products are now available at specialty grocery stores and IGAs in Quebec. The company also gives you the opportunity to impress your friends by creating your own Essence Glacier ice cream bar for any event you organize.

Alexis Dionne, the founder of the brand, partnered with Jean-Marc Guillot to make high-end products for people who want to delight their taste buds: “Our priority is focused mainly on quality ingredients, no matter where they come from. For example, if THE best strawberry comes from Burgundy, that’s where we’ll get it.” The same goes for each ingredient, may it be chocolate, coffee, raspberries, foie gras, bell peppers, beer, etc. Each product is carefully selected. “You will never experience these types of flavours on a regular cone!” These ice creams are geared towards chefs who wish to have ice cream specially made to go with a specific meal. Before, Essence ice creams and sorbets were known only to clients of fine-dining restaurants and world-class hotels.

Essence Glacier’s two partners have many original ideas, and have created delicious treats. This may be the reason why they grew from 150 points of sale to 600 in just one year. Whichever generation you belong to, X, Y or Z, this is the perfect time to enjoy a cool treat on a hot summer day!

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