Excavation Work, a Complex Operation

We hear the ol’ folks say… “In my days, we dug using a pick and shovel and the problems were endless. We’d roll up our sleeves and work hard.” Today, everything has changed. Even oranges have disappeared from Christmas stockings. Even so, we keep digging.

We keep digging and although we regularly trade in picks and shovels for mini-excavators, the operation has not streamlined much. Nowadays, we’ve traded in an operation much less manual for one that is a little more complex.

With time, our ground has become more elaborate and is composed today of layer upon layer of underground infrastructure. Gas lines, water lines, telephone wires, fibre optics, cables, old oil pipes… And just because you’ve seen a man on his little digger, you think you’re up for the task of digging your future uni-stone walkway? Or you think that you can uproot a tree with the excavator you rented because, usually speaking, you are good at everything?

In the old days, we went to go see a fortuneteller with a Y-shaped tree branch to find water. Today, the methods have become more sophisticated. It is now possible to rely on the services of Info-Excavation before beginning any excavation work or digging on your property. The service is fast and free and allows companies and individuals to avoid costly problems such as power failure, pollution or water damage.

“Underground infrastructure breakage can cause the interruption of essential services to citizens. There is also the question of significant risks for the environment, as well as the safety of workers and citizens.”

So there you have it… Rarely can the worst be avoided so simply, and more importantly, without costing you a dime. Think about this next time you undertake excavation work. And if you call upon a contractor, make sure that he will have contacted Info-Excavation before beginning his work. After all, this all happens on your property…

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