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Health and Well-Being at Work

There are a number of measures that can be implemented in the workplace to improve employee health and well-being. The implementation of a workplace health and well-being program is an intervention method that allows for prevention as well as the promotion of organizational practices that favour well-being in the workplace. In fact, such a program allows for encouraging healthy habits and creating a workplace conducive to health.

This is what we have done at Lareau!

In 2018, we introduced our health-focused program, with the goal of promoting healthy living through the following actions:

1. Raising awareness among team members.

2. Encouraging staff to set individual goals.

3. Fostering mutual support to remain motivated.

To ensure that our program would reach its full potential, we first consulted all of our team members via a survey so that the proposed activities would best reflect their tastes and needs. The results revealed, among other things, that most of our team members wished to become more fit and improve their eating habits. They also wanted the company to offer more physical activities.

Through the survey results and suggestions, we were able to implement various initiatives to promote health in the workplace. Here are some examples:

  • Individual consultations with a personal trainer and a nutritionist
  • Group exercise
  • Yoga classes
  • Company health challenge: 30-day challenge with teams
  • Group lunches and healthy potlucks
  • Chair massages
  • Outdoor activities: softball tournament, running or cycling, hiking, etc.
  • Height adjustable desks (sitting and standing)
  • Exercise rooms in a number of our branches
  • Corporate gifts: gym bag, shirt, baseball cap, water bottle, etc.
  • Talk on motivation and the positive impact of healthy habits
  • Selection of teas available
  • Health tips in our weekly communications publication

A voluntary contribution for an active participation!

To ensure that your approach has positive results, the members of your team must be able to participate on a voluntary basis. The best way to get them involved is to talk about the program regularly and allow them to participate in the activities out of pleasure, not obligation. You should, after having suggested various initiatives, promote the implementation and continuity of the program. It is also important that the activities be assessed frequently and updated at regular intervals. Behaviour changes will be noticeable after 5 years minimum, as long as a number of people have joined the program.

A most interesting work experience!

At Lareau, in addition to promoting healthier habits, we attach great importance to the work environment and well-being of the members of our team. Given that they spend the bulk of their time at work, it is important for their work environment to have a positive impact on their health and well-being. To that end, we are committed to offering them closed offices, comfortable, bright, and collaborative workspaces, as well as exercise rooms that are accessible at all times. In addition, we organize social, professional, and sports activities to bring the team together and boost energy levels.

In conclusion, we are convinced that the well-being of employees should become a priority for all businesses. Happier employees are more involved, work better on teams, are absent less frequently, and are more inclined to face new challenges. Did you know that “92% of workers said that if they were considering a new job opportunity, insight into a company’s employer reputation would be important”? It is therefore beneficial for all organizations to introduce the concept of health in the workplace. Fortunately, a number of solutions exist. All you need to do is to get started and be creative!

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