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Preparing for Your Move During the Pandemic

Are you amongst those who will be moving this July 1st? Know that the government encourages several health practises to ensure your safety during these uncommon circumstances.

As if the choice of the moving company and the making of boxes weren’t stressful enough, now add the stress of the pandemic. How can you make it through the move by respecting the preventative measures? The government provides you with a best-practice guide, which we summarize in this article, in addition to giving you our own touch of advice.

Step 1: Be Prepared

  1. Declutter your boxes by sorting your belongings: Moving is a great opportunity to start over and dispose of the objects that clutter your home. Our first tip: get rid of items you haven’t used in over a year and donate them to charity!
  2. Be organized when packing your boxes: Before you start packing your boxes, make sure you have all the materials required to properly organize them such as boxes of all sizes, labels, permanent ink pencils, bubble wrap, rope and fairly sturdy tape. Maximize as much space as possible in your boxes by trying to organize them according to the rooms they will end up in your new home. Make sure to clearly mark the contents of the box.
  3. Plan the installation of your electronic and household appliances: We advise you to take a picture of how the cables are currently connected. By doing so, you’ll be able to quickly identify how you’ll need to reconnect all the cables once in your new little nest! As an extra tip: identify your cables with tags, then group them together with elastic bands.
  4. Make sure you have sufficient cleaning and disinfecting supplies for the move. The government advises that all surfaces should be properly disinfected when taking possession of the dwelling as well as all the boxes you are moving in.
  5. Coordinate your moving day with the previous owner so as not to cross paths and thus be in direct contact.
  6. Change your address at least two weeks before the scheduled moving date. Start off with the most important institutes by visiting the Quebec Change of Address Service page. Also, notify your broker of your change of address, as this needs to be updated to your file. Be sure to evaluate whether any changes will occur regarding your limitations and coverage.

Step 2: The Big Day

From a sanitary point of view, be sure to:

  • Respect social distancing
  • Disinfect frequently affected areas
  • Wear a mask and gloves
  • Thoroughly disinfect your new home
  • Wait at least 24 hours before getting rid of your boxes
  1. Prepare a bag with essentials you will need for the first night so you don’t have to go looking through your boxes. For example, make sure you have your hygiene products, sheets or sleeping bags, pillows and linen for the next day. Place this bag in your car rather than in the moving truck.
  2. Leave your pet in the care of a family member or a friend on your moving day. This will cause less stress and allow you to focus on complying with health measures. This recommendation also applies to your younger children.
  3. Dismantle furniture that you think is less solid. You will prevent them from breaking while in transport and/or the movers getting hurt by moving them. Put all the small pieces in a bag and stick it directly on the furniture with duct tape.

With regard to insurance, your home policy provides 30 days of coverage for the transportation of your belongings from one place to another. Your property is only insured for risks covered by your insurance policy. However, for this coverage to be valid, your property cannot be covered by another insurance policy.

Now that you’re equipped with the most important tips, we wish you a good move and best of luck in your new home!

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