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Protecting your bike

How to prevent bike theft 
Right security equipment, insurance, storage, etc.

Over the last two years, many people have purchased bikes to get in shape and fill their spare time. Did you know that you’re covered by your insurance company if your bike is stolen? Here are a few precautions to take to steer clear of this type of situation.

Do you have the right equipment to secure your property?

What type of anti-theft device should you choose? Here are a few tried-and-tested tools to deter would-be thieves:

Our first choice: U-locks. Despite being heavy, they are very secure and made from high-carbon or hardened steel, with a diameter of over 13 mm. According to Protégez-vous magazine, this type of lock offers the best protection.

Our second choice: chain locks. This type of lock is also made from sturdy materials, but its biggest advantage is its resistance. The chains feature welded links that can’t be pried open, which is ideal if you leave your bike locked up for long periods of time.

Our third choice: cable locks. Known for being lightweight and easy to transport, cable locks are also a good choice. However, they can easily be cut using a pair of bolt cutters. Because of this, they are not recommended as your only form of protection. Combine a cable lock with another type of lock for maximum effectiveness.

Note: expensive locks are not always more secure. You don’t necessarily need to fork out hundreds of dollars to protect your bike!

Have you checked your insurance coverage?

While your bike is covered by your home or property insurance, some limitations may apply. A maximum amount is generally specified in your insurance policy. Check your policy to make sure this amount is high enough, since you may have paid much more for your bike than the amount your insurance would cover.  Contact your insurance representative to add a specific amount and make sure you’ll be properly compensated if something happens.

Have you taken preventive measures?

  • Invest in a high-quality lock. 
  • Don’t lock your bike by the front wheel only, since it can easily be detached.  Lock your bike to a fixed point like a pole, and make sure that the pole is anchored to the ground so it can’t be easily removed by thieves.   
  • Register your bike with Vélo Retour. Bikes with this registry’s sticker are generally harder to resell. This method is similar to anti-theft marking for cars.   
  • Always store your bike in a secure location.   
  • For car trips, make sure to use a suitable bike rack that is equipped with an anti-theft locking device.

People tend to think that high-end bikes are the biggest targets for thieves. However, bikes worth less than $500 are actually the most sought after, since they’re easier to resell.

In conclusion, no matter how often you use your bike or how much you’ve invested in it, don’t forget to secure it and check with your broker or representative to make sure your investment is covered.

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