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Selling Your House: The Art of Home-Staging

Are you planning to move in order to purchase a property with a big backyard where you can garden? Have your children left the nest and you want to sell your home in order to purchase a smaller property? Are you now the parents of three children, and your home no longer meets your needs? If one of these situations sounds familiar, it is time to put your property up for sale and move!

We all want to quickly find a buyer for our property. However, for some, your home will be on the market longer than others. Did you know that to sell your property more quickly, you can stage your home on your own without breaking the bank?

Home staging encompasses all of the methods implemented to make a property welcoming and appealing, with the goal of selling it more quickly and at a better price. In short, the goal of this technique is to create a case of love at first sight as soon as a potential buyer enters the home. Many people use this method since it has been shown that during a visit, a potential buyer only needs 20 to 90 seconds to form an opinion of your home.

But How Can I Stage My Home Without Breaking the Bank?


It is difficult to see the potential of a room or storage area if it is cluttered. As a result, it is essential that you declutter your property before taking photos and leave it that way until it is sold. By removing personal care products from your shower, putting some clothes into plastic bins, and removing all items from your kitchen counters, you will make visitors feel good in your home. This step will showcase your home’s rooms, potential storage spaces, and architectural elements. It will also give your rooms more range, as well as an airy feel.

Don’t worry! It won’t be a waste of time, since the time you spend decluttering your home will lead to an easier move down the line.


By removing family photos and your children’s drawings, making the beds, and putting away your papers, you will depersonalize your home and make it less of a reflection of your lifestyle. During visits, potential buyers should feel at home: they need to be able to imagine living in your home with their family. Neutral decor will also help sell your home.


Today, many buyers are looking for a turnkey property. Therefore, it is important to carry out the repairs your property needs. If you are unable to do so, do not try to hide damage, since this would enable the buyer to take legal action against you.

You will always come out the winner when you carry out repairs before your home is put on the market. It will sell more quickly, and the buyer will not be able to use needed repairs as a tactic to negotiate a lower sale price.


For a buyer, a property that is spic-and-span is one that has been well maintained over the years. It is recommended that you clean up before each visit, as well as before the photos are taken of your property. Ensure that you also eliminate unpleasant odours that will stop future buyers in their tracks.

Some advice: Once you put your home on the market, make sure that it is always clean, since a visit can often be organized at the last minute!

Make Your Decor Harmonious

It is possible to make your decor harmonious without spending a fortune! Here are some ideas to enhance your property:

  • Paint some walls using on-trend colours.
  • Arrange your furniture in a way that makes the rooms feel bigger.
  • Place nice, on-trend accessories on your furniture.
  • Put throw pillows on couches and beds.
  • Use matching hangers in your closets.
  • Put fresh flowers in the centre of your dining room table.

It is now time for people to come visit your home. We recommend that you turn off the television, put music on at a low volume, and turn on all of the lights. We also recommend that you lay low during visits to your property.

Finally, when you put your home up for sale, don’t forget to notify your broker!

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