Snow Storm: Caution on the Road

Winter is at our doorstep, the time has now come to get the skis out and to get the kids dressed. However, snow is not always synonymous with delight. It also represents a hazard for drivers. As such, it is important to take measures to prevent accidents.

Here are 7 tips from your broker to avoid troubles during a storm: 

  • Before you leave, check weather conditions and plan your trips ahead of time. Environment Canada issues warnings in case of blizzards, heavy snowfall or freezing rain.
  • Your car is not an igloo. An accumulation of snow or ice on the hood or the roof can come off and cause damage to other vehicles or pedestrians. Also, accumulation on windows, headlights and lights can affect visibility and may cause accidents. You can receive a fine of $100 to $200 (on top of the fees) for driving a mobile igloo…
  • Avoid shortcuts by attempting to bypass traffic. It is safer to use main streets that have been better cleared of snow. Also, the country roads that are dark and more susceptible to blowing snow, snowbanks and wind gust often reduces visibility down to zero. If you must take a secondary road, don’t hesitate to put your hazard lights on to signal your presence to other drivers.
  • Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. A sudden stop can cause a big pile-up.
  • Appearances can be deceiving. A sheet of ice under a thin layer of snow can make you lose control. Drive slowly, avoid braking suddenly and be mindful of curves.
  • Stay calm! Being stressed at the wheel is one of the main causes of accidents. You must also make sure to be alert and well rested before leaving.
  • In case of an accident, dial 9-1-1 and stay in your vehicle. If you get out of your vehicle, you may cause an accident or get hurt.

Did you know that if you lose control you may be considered at fault of the accident and may have a deductible to pay for your damage?

At all times, the watchword is: Caution! The main priority is your safety and that of your family’s. If you can avoid going out when the weather is expected to be terrible, it is advisable to stay home!


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