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The Importance of Active Management

Your business insurance is fundamental and deserves careful management. At Lareau, we work in the best interests of our clients and offer active management. Compared to passive management, active management allows us to understand risks, analyze the insurance market, consider all possible scenarios, in short: to be proactive.

Here are four fundamental elements that demonstrate active management of your file:

Annual Meetings

We believe that annual meetings between brokers and clients are essential. With the pandemic behind us, we have no excuses not to meet! These annual meetings allow us to discuss your operations and ensure that insurance coverages are always appropriate in line with your growth and industry. There’s nothing better than visiting your premises to analyze them with an insurance expert’s eye: have you included all your buildings in your insurance policy? Have you forgotten to mention a new gas tank on your property? Your insurance broker will be able to spot these important details.

Value Added during Meetings

During these annual meetings, we place great importance on the value we bring. We don’t just hand you your contracts like a mail carrier would! Our role is to understand your operations thoroughly, explain the extent of your current contracts, and, most importantly, raise awareness of uncovered or growing risks in your industry. It is our duty to make you aware and assist you in making informed decisions.

Specialization in Your Industry

Having a broker who specializes in your industry allows for better advice tailored to your insurance needs. Being specialized, the broker is familiar with the risks inherent in your sector and knows how to guide you effectively in obtaining coverage that suits your projects and operations.

Relationships with Insurers

Although we are a 100% independent brokerage firm, we place great importance on our business relationships. We have a comprehensive view of the market and work with a variety of insurers. Therefore, we are vigilant and knowledgeable about market trends in order to propose a tailored insurance solution for your file, partnering with an insurer who specializes in your specific niche.


As you can see, a Lareau broker offers much more than just a premium. Active management of a file represents an invaluable asset; we work in the best of your interests, both in terms of premiums and in protecting your assets.

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