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Three Apps to Simplify Your Life!

Given that more than 95% of the earth’s population had a cell phone in 2015, I thought it would be a good idea to write about a few useful apps to simplify your life!


For starters, I’ll tell you about a tool that is very useful for those who prefer traditional methods, like the fax. Xerox came out with its first office fax machine model in 1964, but the idea originally came to Scottish inventor Alexander Bain in 1842.

I think it’s high time we move onto something else. These days, nearly all cell phone plans include picture messaging (MMS—Multimedia Messaging Service), so you can take a picture and send it directly to the recipient via text message or e-mail, at no charge.

The other option is to use an app that can replace the fax machine—CamScanner.

You open the application and take a picture of your document. Then you can automatically crop your document to create a final, clean file—with no coffee stains or notations on the image. The software scans the picture of your document and enhances the white (background) and black (text) to turn it into a nice PDF document.

Next you can share this document via e-mail, picture message, etc., or directly through the program.

Don’t forget that you can send pictures to Lareau Insurance Brokers by sending a text message to 514-600-1897. This way you’ll never have problems sending a fax again!


In the era of new technologies, we have more and more options for simplifying tasks. There are now thermostats, electrical outlets, and light switches that can be connected to Wi-Fi. You can use Domotique to manage them—it’s better to choose one provider for all your products so you can control them with a single software application.

Already familiar with programmable thermostats? Then you probably know how long and arduous it can be to program them! With this type of thermostat, everything can be programmed using your cell phone.

Belkin has a great range of connected products called WEMO, which includes Wi-Fi cameras, baby monitors, and motion detectors. Everything can be managed using the same application, which also keeps track of usage history.

You’ll be able to turn on the heating at a pre-programmed time or when your cell phone crosses a specific GPS coordinate. This can help you avoid extra charges and make your mornings easier by ensuring your coffee is ready when you get up!


All of these apps will make your day-to-day life easier but don’t forget, if we start to have everything done automatically by our cell phones, our brains won’t be put to the test as frequently and may become lazy.

To prevent this decline, use Lumosity.

This little application is like a trainer for your brain. Several simple games, designed by a team of neuroscientists, make your brain work in several ways. The carefully selected games work on your memory, speed, attention, problem solving, and flexibility.

It is recommended that you do these exercises in your spare time, two to three times per week, to help your most valuable—and by far your most mysterious—organ, without spending a penny. You can monitor your progress and compare it to the app’s 70 million users!

Your brain is your most valuable asset; keep it active!

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