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Calorek: Your Team's Comfort Comes First

In many commercial buildings, thermal conditions are not well controlled due to insufficient air conditioning and heating capacity. Did you know that when an office’s temperature rises above 25 °C, employee productivity decreases by 2% per degree Celsius? According to the CNESST, when it comes to conditions for an acceptable thermal environment, “due to individual differences in perception, it is impossible to identify a thermal environment that would be satisfactory for all”.

What if I were to tell you that a Quebec company had found a solution to this problem?

Calorek has developed a heating and air conditioning system with the capacity to adapt to the various needs of your team. With the help of its VAF (variable airflow) Technology and its patented CVBM IV system, the system can heat and cool simultaneously in up to 16 different zones. There is no other company on the market today with this type of system, which allows individuals in an establishment to control the temperature in their own working environment. In other words, Calorek’s VAF Technology allows you to heat your office while your colleagues cool theirs.

Unlike other heating and air conditioning system manufacturers, Calorek does not use refrigerant in the distribution system. In fact, its technology is based on redirecting air from the central unit to the zones where it is needed. For example, in a standard heat pump cooling system, hot air would be directed outside if Benoit wants to cool his office, but with Calorek’s system, the hot air is simply redirected to Sophie who wants to heat her office.

As a business, Calorek’s mission is to provide its customers with comfort and savings in order to ensure their productivity. According to Christian Vézina, Vice-President of the company, the Calorek advantage rests in large part on ease of installation. In addition, the VAF system allows for greater energy savings by maximizing the efficiency of its components, since it heats and cools simultaneously.

Calorek offers heating and cooling systems at the commercial and residential level, but its VAF Technology and CVBM IV are also used in another interesting context. Calorek systems are sometimes found in flight simulators because the presence of multiple electronic systems requires a good cooling system.

When it comes to the future, Calorek is focusing its efforts on continued growth. While innovating with regard to other technology and products, the company strives to remain the air conditioning and heating system of choice in order to allow the employees of other companies to perform in an ideal working environment.

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