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Computer Security: Determining your Passwords

For the most of us, our job involves the use of a computer, and therefore, an email address and a password. Among good business practices, these passwords are often longer and more complex and are required to be changed after a certain period of time in order to ensure the security of your files. As if we didn’t have enough to remember in our personal accounts!


My advice to you is to use different passwords for personal accounts and those associated with your job. In addition, it is of the utmost importance that you only use your work email address for things that relate to your job. It should be used solely for communication with other employees, customers, suppliers, partners, or other work-related people. If, for example, you need to create an account for a supplier, try to choose a password that you do not already use in your daily life.

You probably find these measures excessive or overly complicated. However, when you use the same password for your personal, work, and supplier accounts, you increase your risk of being hacked. In other words, if a hacker successfully infiltrates one of your accounts and obtains all of your information, it will be easy to reuse the information to access your other accounts. Having a few different characters in your passwords is not enough to prevent these computer geniuses from hacking into your other accounts.


Since you likely have many passwords to remember, I recommend that you organize them according to the following groups:

  1. Work passwords
  2. Passwords for work-related activities
  3. Personal passwords

That way, if one of your accounts is hacked, you will not have to change all of your passwords—only those in the affected group.

To conclude, you should never use your work email for anything other than work. Increasingly, email lists are being sold to or stolen by spammers, leading to more spam in your inbox.

Above all, be cautious! The Internet era is far from over.

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